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Moonlit Sunrise at Nubble Lighthouse

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Final Journey

A poem that came to me while waiting for all the elements to come together.

Let me rest here for a moment,

rest my tired and weary feet.

I have walked for many miles

with no chance to take a seat.

Let me rest here for a moment,

for I've not a drop to drink.

My lips are parched and broken,

I'm almost at the brink.

Let me rest here for a moment,

calm the quivering down below.

It's been days since I've last eaten,

could be weeks, I do not know.

Let me rest here for a moment,

for my eyes are bloodshot red.

I have traveled miles to be here,

I will see it 'fore I'm dead.

Let me rest this final moment,

rest my feet upon the shore.

Let me feast upon the sunset,

till i sleep forever more.

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