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Moonlit Sunrise at Nubble Lighthouse

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Realm of the Whispering Woods

Come walk with me, let me show you the comforts of my home.

Journey through my fields and visit with my denizens who roam the land and bogs.

Forget your cares, converse with me, behold the essence of my soul.

All these things I heard today in the realm of the Whispering Woods.

I walk along the muddy paths, shifting earth beneath my feet.

The wintry winds of January, blowing between the trees tickle my nose.

The setting Sun breaks through the clouds and warms me to the bone.

All these things I felt today in the realm of the Whispering Woods.

The marsh land grasses are all aglow as if they were on fire.

Stands of white birches sway gently in the calm evening breeze.

Birds, large and small fly limb to limb, pond to stream, observing.

All these things I saw today in the realm of the Whispering Woods.

A deer in the distance she looks at me, her eyes are locked on mine.

My heartbeat slows as we look at one another, our breaths seem almost as one.

Then with the blink of an eye the creature of the woods is gone.

I’m now at peace in the realm of the Whispering Woods.

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