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Moonlit Sunrise at Nubble Lighthouse

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The Last Sunrise

The last morning in December, not as cold, not as wintery as last year.  The darkness still holds sway here this morning but the faintest of light begins to paint the sky a pale pink hue.  Morning approaches as it tends to do.  Down along the path a large piece of driftwood catches my eye.  The waterlogged mass sits along the beach pointing towards Charles Island, weathered and worn.  Off in the distance is the small lonesome tree, still standing now barren but alive unlike its cousin lying on its side.  That’s where we are all supposed to meet, at the old lonesome tree to capture the last Sunrise of December, the last of 2018.  Before continuing I want to capture this scene of an old piece of driftwood before it moves on.


Further down the path, just past the old lonesome tree there is a pedestrian bridge that runs over the inlet that feeds into the sound.  I go to the top where another photog friend is capturing Charles Island under the growing light, I can’t help but notice the soft rhythmic sound of the tide feeding back into the inlet as the tide gently rolled in and out.  I said my hellos then went down below to survey the scene.  That soft rhythmic sound now amplified by the acoustics of the overhead bridge seemed like a lullaby tempting me towards sleep.  There was an odd shaped rock which seemed out of place close to the shore of tiny rocks, shells and sand.  I found a nice spot that had the shells, the rock, the light and Charles Island all in view under the bridge.  I set up for a long exposure and enjoyed the morning light and sounds of the water, a meditative moment before moving on up the path.


Now I am down past the pedestrian bridge, between it and where the sandbar to Charles Island comes and goes as the tide ebbs and flows.  Several more photographers out for morning, part of the crew are in the same area taking in the beauty of the early dawn. 


Silver Sands seems to be doing renovations of the walking paths and are working this early morning.  The sounds are out of place at first but soon fade away as my attention is pulled back to the scene underway.  I’ve waded out into the water right behind a row of reeds and rocks. 


Charles Island is front and center with the Sun rising slowing behind it bathed in light.  The repeating theme of the day, the rhythm of the sea, reeds moving to and fro, rocks being bathed with cold winter waters but look warm in the light of the morning sun.  The icing on the cake is the colorful sky, warm and cold colors mixing and melding with its own rhythmic dance, reflecting the light of the day and emotions of the heart.


Caught up in the moment I had not noticed at some point water had splashed on my filter kit.  It wasn’t until later, when I looked at the images, did I notice all the water spots on the later images.  Luckily because I have a tiny nick in my neutral density filter, I have been in the habit of taking a photo, then moving the filter 180 degrees then taking the same photo again to remove the artifact made by that damaged part masking out both spots.  It made it easier to remove the water spots as well.

The sun fully up, those wonderful colors now gone, I caught up a little with a Sam who was nearby about what goodies we got for presents then we were all off to enjoy breakfast and more good conversation.  All in all, a good day managed and organized by a good friend Ali to capture the last sunrise of 2018 with other photography friends. 


I have seen so many sights this past year.  Every sight and sound witnessed by many, nothing new nothing fresh but all those things seen through my eyes was personal and unique.  My message to you for the New Year, remember the path you walk is walked by many, but your journey is your own.  See the world through your eyes, interpret with your soul. 


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