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Moonlit Sunrise at Nubble Lighthouse

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Madison Beach Sunrise Sonata

Twilight, the clouds lay thick across the sky, a roiling, billowing mass above my head.  Sitting alone on this familiar rock I muse to myself, "at least it's not raining".  The forecast says it will be this way until early morning but there is always a chance, a chance that's better than if you’re still dreaming of landscapes in bed. 

There on the horizon, a break in the clouds, but the front is still moving swiftly, it may be gone as quickly as it was born.  So, I wait on my rock, taking in the sounds and scenes of the early morn, praying the gap remains as the twilight turns to dawn.


Hope beyond hope the gap remains. The dim yellow light begins to fill the horizon, painting the clouds overhead a passionate shade of magenta. The Rock now becomes a front row seat to the opus that is about to begin.

Development, Movement No 1

The dim yellow light swells from a glimmer to a glow, melding with a harmony, warm transitioning into cold. I move from my rock to the stage down below. As the clouds above me dance and swirl, the gentle waves below ebb to and fro.

Development, Movement No 2

The star of the show now burns even hotter. The clouds, water and the land all play a reflective melody to accompany its ascendant tune.

Development, Movement No 3

The mood now slows as the melody changes. The skies now strike a playful tune as it moves across the sun, who's rays now erupt in a joyful chorus of golden light.

Development, Movement No 4

The movement now completed, the tempo slowed, the light dims slightly then builds and grows. The chord that is struck is a vibrant one, the music of light serves to herald the arrival of the Sun.


The Sun now untethered takes the stage, it’s light reverberates on every surface as it builds to the final crescendo. The moment is quick but a powerful one, the rhythms and melodies of the morning but now it’s done. As the morning light plays its final note, the Sun rises above that still cloudy curtain never to be seen for the rest of the day. The end like the beginning finds me once again, sitting on that familiar rock pondering the day ahead.

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