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Moonlit Sunrise at Nubble Lighthouse

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Blossom in the Sky

Keep your eyes open.
Always heed the hopeful heart.
Blossom in the sky.

I decided to head back to Chaffinch Island.  There had been glimpses of light through the clouds and it looked like there may be a chance for a dramatic sky.  For quite some time it did not look like there would be much of anything but right at the last minute the clouds broke just enough to let some light through.  It didn't last long and luckily my long exposure NR reduction just finished in time so I could get another exposure of the clouds as they were, with the vibrant color.  After a mostly gray day this was a nice moment no matter how brief. 

Two exposures blended, one for the clouds the other a 13 minute long shot to help smooth out the water coming in from the high tide.

Camera: Nikon D750
Lens: 20 mm f/1.8 @ ƒ/11.0
Focal Length: 20.0 mm
Shutter Speed: 792 secs
ISO: 50

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