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Moonlit Sunrise at Nubble Lighthouse

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Rocks and Mountains

Humid, Hazy clear blue skies for most of the afternoon but things started to change during the late afternoon.  This is a final shot before getting some dinner.  Clouds are starting to move in as the Sun lights up the distant trees and illuminate the Bubbles.  A peaceful moment to contemplate ones place in the Universe.  - Acadia National Park.

Camera: Nikon D750
Lens: 24.0-120.0 mm f/4.0 @ ƒ/11.0
Focal Length: 27.0 mm
Shutter Speed: 20 secs
ISO: 50

Polarizer to cut through the reflections.  Two images used, one non long exposure for the distant trees, focus on the bubbles.  The other long exposure for the lower section, focus on the near rocks.  Images blended in Photoshop.


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