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Moonlit Sunrise at Nubble Lighthouse

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Phone it in

Today’s story started at Chaffinch Island Park in Guilford. It started fairly uneventful but would eventually be an exercise in patience. I began the late afternoon tracking water fowl in the muck and mire testing out my new hip waders I got from Santa. Slowly sloshing around in the cold wetlands was so much fun that I inadvertently left the camera on continuously for about an hour. Normally this isn’t a problem but today was a little on the frigid side and I am guessing the battery was probably not at full charge when i began the day.

I realized when getting ready to take some shots of a heron that the camera was angrily blinking at me through the viewfinder. Well this sucks, oh well “Not a problem” i said to myself. i will pop in the spare. After what seemed like twenty minutes and going through every inch of my bag, no luck finding the spare. WONDERFUL!!

Well, sunset was approaching so I broke down my kit and got it ready for landscapes and began to trek back to the car to get the other spare I normally keep in the glove box. Beep, beep. open the door, change out of my muck boots and open the glove box. Hmmm, that’s strange. Where is that battery?

GOD!! not my day, several swears and utterances soon followed. The time was getting late and the sky was actually looking promising for a nice sunset. I had already been scoping out potential shooting spots while trudging around earlier. So now what? No birds and no sunset today?

Then I got a text. Something about a package being delivered, not important to the story but it was a reminder I could use my phone (Samsung Galaxy S8). I have used my phone in the past for photos and am not adverse to doing macro shots or landscape grabs in good light, it’s pretty descent but I usually don’t attempt using it during the edge hours of sunrise and sunset but what the heck, something is better than nothing.

I went to the first shooting spot and waited in the cold wind for the sun to go just behind the treeline. The exposure was fairly well handled shooting directly into the sun. I have it set to save both JPEG and RAW files but for the life of me I have only found the jpeg images on the phone so all the edits are from the jpeg only files.

Here is another view looking South where the West River dumps into Long Island Sound.

This area looks so different when it’s low tide, sometimes almost alien but today high tide is fine by me. Flowing clouds picking up a little color from the setting Sun.

It looks like some old friends decided to meet up to watch the sunset as well. A pretty loud bunch for just three.

The Sun has finally set and the clouds to the North begin to light up in the distance with soft magenta and blue tones.

All in all the Samsung S8 did a admirable job considering. As many have said before the best camera you have is the one you have with you at the time. The good thing is I found the one spare battery after getting home, the third one is still MIA.

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