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Moonlit Sunrise at Nubble Lighthouse

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December Morning

It's early morning, the sharp December air moves across my skin like a surgeon’s scalpel.  Gusts of wind swirl around my head whispering hauntingly in my ear, "Go home, there is nothing for you here".  I replied, "Thank you Winter wind, I appreciate the crispness of your touch.  It will help to keep me awake this fine morning".  I put on my winter hat, covered my ears and continued to prepare.

The icy waters of the Sound were slowly receding, softly singing a lullaby as it withdrew, "Return to your warm bed and rest your weary head.  Only treachery lies ahead, one false move and you will be dead".  I replied, "Thank you Winter waters for your song of concern.  I will heed your wisdom".  I slipped on my cleats and continued past the rocks still covered in moss and mud.

The craggy rocks now began to grumble in a low monotone voice, "You there on my back, your platform will never remain steady on my slippery shores you'd best turn back.  It would be a shame for you to have come all this way for nothing".  I replied, "I am touched my gruff friend but there is no need to fear, everything will be alright".  I opened my pouch and pulled out my spikes for the tripod.  I screwed them in, found my spot, then secured the tripod in place.

The Winter wind, now seemingly upset, no more whispers but now a roar said, "I thought I made it clear little man that you are not welcome here this morn.  I shall have to blow you off these rocks and off my shores".  I replied, “Please forgive me Winter wind but I have no intentions of leaving now, do your worst I will not be dissuaded".

The Winter wind blew and thrashed for quite some time as I watched the sun slowly rise.  After some time, I finally spoke out to the Winter wind, "Please forgive me my frigid friend, I thank you for your help".  The wind paused its assault and asked me "what did I mean"?   "I needed you to be upset with me so that you would move the clouds across the sky and help complete my vision and for that I thank you".  Then, I took my leave.

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