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Long Morning on a Long Beach

Hi, everyone.  It’s been a rough few weeks battling the flu, so I haven’t been out shooting regularly but I’m back baby 😊.  I did do some shooting in December and these are some of those shots from a day out in Stratford along the shore.  Hopefully things will be back to normal, in the meantime I have some shots form 2017 to go through.  Here’s to a great 2018!


Long Beach in Stratford Connecticut is a coastal barrier beach that is home to quite a variety of shorebirds in Connecticut.  A little over a mile ½ in length one side is exposed to Long Island sound while the other side, the Lewis Gut waters are a sprawling marshland area.  Terns, Piping Plovers and many other shorebirds use the narrow beach areas in the middle as a nesting area and one should always observe the protected area signs when they are out so you do not disturb the bird’s habitat.

There was a point in the history of long Beach where there was a thriving community called Pleasure Beach located in the western part of Long Beach.  There were seasonal cottages and even an amusement park located there.  Access to pleasure beach was mainly via a swing bridge which connected the community to the main land in Bridgeport.  When that swing bridge burned down it was decided to vacate the island rather than fix the bridge.  For many years since that fire in 1996 all of the buildings and amusement park fixtures where left to the elements.  For those people willing to hike out from the Stratford side, this was one of the top Haunted Connecticut sites to go visit for pictures or explore.  Many of these buildings were so rotted and dangerous barriers were eventually put up to try to keep people out.  Eventually the town demolished and removed most if not all the structures that comprised Pleasure Beach.  Eventually the area was reopened in 2014 with Ferry service from Bridgeport for people to take advantage of the Public buildings constructed for Pleasure Beach park on the western side of Long Beach.

Still, even in the warmer months of Summer this is not an overly crowded beach area.  Most of the people tend to stick to the eastern Stratford entrance, where there is some sand.  Unless you are a Stratford resident you will have to pay an entrance fee during park hours of operation.  Supposedly hunting is allowed along the stretch of the barrier during the season but I have yet to run into any hunters, but precautions should be taken.  You will mostly find fisherman and dog walkers along the thin narrow barrier beach.

Again, remember to be respectful of the wildlife nesting areas when you visit.  Many parts of Long Beach have been designated Important Bird Areas by the National Audubon Society.  If you have an entire day to explore, bring your Long Lens and a good pair of shoes and enjoy the variety of bird species you may discover here.

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