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Backyard Connecticut - Chapman Falls

Chapman Falls, located within the Devil's Hopyard State Park is said to be one of Connecticut's most powerful waterfalls.  It is basically 3 tiers and approximately a 60ft drop in total.  There are no parking fees at this particular State Park so that's a plus but it is nestled in the backwoods of East Haddam so unless you are from the area, it may take you a bit of a drive to get there. Chapman Falls may be the main draw for this park but there are also hiking trails, a covered bridge, picnic areas and of course the playground of the Devil himself.  

The name, the Devil's Hopyard apparently derives itself from an old Puritan legend and according to author David E. Phillips who wrote Legendary Connecticut (, it is just one of many places named for or based on Satan.  

Legend has it that the large smooth holes along the Eight Mile River and also along and at the base of the falls were created by the Devil himself.  Apparently the Devil was out admiring the beautiful area, as Devils are prone to do, looking for Puritans to corrupt no doubt when he accidentally got his tail wet.  He became so enraged at getting his tail wet (really), that he stomped or hopped his way down the falls creating the holes with his fiery cloven hooves. I say the Puritans must have had some really good Cannabis and a whole lot of time on their hands based on some of the stories in the book.

But don't let some silly legend deter you from visiting this lovely spot.  Here are some photos I was able to capture, even with quite a few people. 


For a nice outing and just general enjoyment this is quite a nice park.  For the more serious photographers its best to be here very early to beat the crowds or wait till its too cold to take a selfie in front of the falls.  Either way enjoy your time at the park and remember to keep exploring your own backyard, explore Connecticut.

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