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Life, can be a Beach in Connecticut

People say Connecticut does not have a proper beach like those along the Southern Coast, California or the Pacific Northwest.  No nice sandy beaches, beautiful blue water or killer wave action (unless it’s from a hurricane 😊).  I would have to agree we have nothing like those places.  Because we are shielded by Long Island and a few other factors we don’t get the “surfable” waves or beautiful sandy beaches.  Most of our coast line is a mixture of rocks, shells, boulders, sand and “calmish” waters. 

We do have a few places as you move closer to the eastern side of the state that are a little different.  Hammonasset Beach State Park is one of those places.  Hammonasset is a large State park that consists of not only a 2-mile beach but a rather large Wildlife Preserve area.  Hammonasset is also an active campground site during the season.  With many walking trails, Nature center, campgrounds and beaches.  Of course, during the summer this is always a great destination.

Want to get a tan? Enjoy the 2-miles of sandy coastline.

Want to see some birds?  The park’s beaches and salt marsh areas are home to a diverse population of birds.  Herons, Hawks, Cranes, Sandpipers, Plovers and Osprey to name a few. 

From the rocky shores of Meigs Point you can see even more sea birds as well as the occasional Seal that will sun them self on the various tiny rock islands in the sound.

If exercise or just a leisurely stroll is more your style then walk the many walking trails located in the park and enjoy the setting or rising sun.

Hammonasset State Park will have something for everyone.  For more information visit the official DEEP site (  Information about the Meigs point Nature Center can be found here (

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