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Moonlit Sunrise at Nubble Lighthouse

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The Go To Place

If you are a landscape photographer that shoots their local area, I know you have one of those places that you can rely on for a good shoot most days of the week even in the most dire of photographic situations.  That place for me used to be the small outcropping just behind the Madison Beach Hotel in Madison Connecticut.  Many of my favorite shots have come from this location.  It's fairly close, 30 mins in most cases.  It's fairly accessible, parking can be an issue in the summers.  The varying tides ensure a fairly different composition each time you go as the rocky outcropping is interesting wet or dry when the golden hour light hits it.  It does have it's drawbacks though.  During the summer months late into the fall the view to the east (sunrise) is cluttered with boats in the water.  Not nice boats at a dock, just boats moored haphazardly in the water which relegates it to sunsets during this time.  Of course being where it is, sunset is the time people come out to enjoy the beautiful evening light and take unintended portraits by would-be photographers if you get the hint.  All that being said its still a great go to spot for me, especially in the winter time.

Well, I have found a new spot.  Though it's about an hour or more away depending on the traffic I have fallen in love with this spot.  The spot in question is located in Colebrook Connecticut.  a small sleepy town with a river/lake reservoir.  The dam located there is operated by the Army Corp of Engineers and helps to minimize flooding.  We stumbled upon this location looking for the abandoned bridge, which we were told was now above water.  Despite our lack of rain, the bridge was still submerged.  During our trek I began to notice the potential of the area, especially for fall.  The river was mostly frozen and had the most interesting patterns as it sang to us on the way down and back.  The length of this reservoir is about 10-12 miles from the dam to a few miles into the Mass border.  We only explored 3-4 miles on the one side.  

Well, two weeks ago was a perfect time to return for sunrise.  The temperature was warmer than normal and heavy fog was in the area.  All I can say is I was not disappointed.  The fog and low hanging clouds were magnificent and I had to be careful not to become distracted as new compositions presented themselves at every turn.  Colebrook River Lake is my new elephant and it will be consumed one bite at a time.  Wouldn't you know it I made another trip this morning for yet another sunrise breakfast treat ;).  Below are a few of my favorites so far. I believe there will be many more to look forward to in the future


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