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Moonlit Sunrise at Nubble Lighthouse

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Winter Wanderings

Well Saturday (1/14/2017) was a busy day of shooting.  I went out with some other snap happy shooters to see if we could catch a nice sunrise.  It was freezing but spirits were high, it IS January in Connecticut you know.  Things didn’t start off well for some of us.  One person, who will go unnamed drove all the way to our meeting point but forgot their coat, in the cold, in the middle of January, breath turning to snow when your breath kind of cold.  This was the person who planned our itinerary for the day by the way.  Anyhow, it only set us back about 30 minutes while said person drove to retrieve their coat.

The first stop on the journey was the Barkhamsted reservoir.  Unfortunately, on the drive up I could already tell the sunrise wasn’t going to be one of those magic ones.  There were no clouds and it was too cold for any fog or mist.  The only hope now was that there was stillness in the air for some good reflections of the dam gatehouse off the water.  Well wouldn’t you know but despite our recent rainfall and snow the reservoir was low, VERY low.  So, while the others all went off to make their images I found some alternative compositions.

After checking out a nice overlook above the reservoir we headed out for some breakfast and then some more shooting.  We went from Winsted to Colebrook then down to Roxbury.  All in all a very good day for photography.  WIN!

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