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Moonlit Sunrise at Nubble Lighthouse

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From Milford to New Milford

It was a very busy and productive week for photos last week.  There seemed to be a prevailing theme throughout.  Each location visited last week had the element of water whether it be a stream, river, lake or sea.  Water imparts action, stillness, and emotion.  It speaks to us in babbles, roars or complete silence.  Now it's no wonder that water is a dominate theme in my photos due to the nature of where I live but I have always been drawn to it and no matter where I am I always like to include it as part of the story.  So what speaks to you in your photography?  Have a look at your photos and see what may be guiding your story.

Still working on some images but here is a teaser.  Feel free to comment and as always check out the latest work!


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