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Autumn 2016

It's that time of year again.  Fall has come to New England and it is quickly turning.  It looks to be a short season so I will try to get as much of the Autumn color as I can in the next few weeks.  I managed to get some very good color while in the Hudson Valley for a Fall Festival.  

I thought I would also write a small poem in remembrance of my Mother whom I recently had to say goodbye to.

Seasons of Life

We spring forth into this life
full of questions, no answers, naive to strife.

We are all nurtured and grow,
all the while striving to find out, yearning to know.

Youth has a purpose to serve,
to know life's answers we study and observe.

Finally the day is here,
to use what we've learned to navigate and steer.

Steer our way through love and life,
to find our place, our career perhaps a loving wife.

Our short lives, fruitful or bland,
create ripples in time as water to sand.

Now comes the Autumn, our Fall
reflect on our actions, whether big or small.

The deeds of the past laid bare,
Fruitful paths bare fruit, now its time to prepare.

Prepare for Winter to come,
the final season to which we all succumb.

Enjoy the seasons young one,
Have no regrets, live life, explore and have fun!

Love you Mom


Check out the latest work page and if you have any fall photos to share please post them in the comments!

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