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Fall Foliage Report

Well, you all know what comes after Summer.  Even though right now in the Northeast it doesn't feel like it, soon fall weather will be here and along with fall weather comes fall colors. It's really the only thing I like about the Fall, that and the start of football season!   Oh yeah Octoberfest but I digress.

I have started to see some of the trees begin to turn already in the last few weeks. Unfortunately for three maybe four seasons the fall foliage in the area has been swift and lack luster.  I'm no tree expert, but it seems to either have been due to a lack of rain in some years or too much rain in others.  Still I can't wait to see if we get some good color this year.  There are several spots in Connecticut where the colors, when they are good, are majestic.  Giuffrida Park in Meriden Connecticut is one such place.  There is also Dennis Hill State Park in Norfolk Connecticut (Thanks State of Connecticut for horrible signage or should I say lack of signage). Bear Mountain just over the border in New York also comes to mind as well.

While I haven't seen any full scale turning yet, if anyone  either knows of a good location they have been to in the past that is "Money"  please share it with the readers.  It doesn't necessarily need to be relegated to the Northeast either as we may all like to add a far away place to our bucket list.  If I happen to find a great spot, off the beaten path I will be sure to update as well. Also mention what lenses you like to shoot with and why.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!

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