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Moonlit Sunrise at Nubble Lighthouse

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Moons, Balloons & Saloons!

Last Friday I decided to head down to Madison to see if the sunset would be worth capturing. Unfortunately, as is the case near the Madison Beach Motel, parking was tight, very tight.  The initial signs all pointed to a lack luster sunset so rather than waste my time waiting or hunting for an alternative parking situation, I headed down to East Wharf Beach Park.  The park is not even ten minutes away and there was plenty of parking and no gate check.

Tonight was a full moon and it was already cresting in the sky.  I was able to get some interesting looks with the moonlight providing some welcomed ambient light.  I will have to visit here again but during the day.  My usual spot near the Motel is great for both sunrises and sunsets in the winter time but in the summer and fall months the sun rises in the wrong location and there are sometimes too many people hanging around for the sunset to be worth it, but I do occasionally get lucky.

Saturday, I was up bright and early to meet the crew for an early morning shoot.  Today's subject was the annual Plainville Balloon Festival in Plainville, CT.  This was my first and despite it being on the chilly side and getting my sneakers wet, I'd say it was worth it.  There were all sorts of balloons and it took a while for everyone to get situated and unpacked but once it started, they got up in the air quickly.  At that point it was every photographer for themselves!  Afterwards, we went out for breakfast which was interesting.  Let's just say the businesses in Plainville should read up on local events.

Once we got some food in our stomachs we decided to head down to Wadsworth Falls.  Connecticut has not had a lot of rain but Wadsworth Falls is always good even when the water levels are low.  My main concerns were the location of the sun and the dreaded park folk.  Even though it was around 11:00 in the morning the falls and the area we wanted to shoot from was well shaded.  There were a couple photographers already there taking some pictures despite people being in the VERY shallow water and right in the Falls themselves.  There were six of us in our little posse and after about 15 minutes of us being there we actually chased the park folk out of the water, not on purpose of course but nevertheless it was kind of cool.  I am not sure they thought we were some professional crew, a class or something else but everyone that came down to the water either didn't go in or went to the falls briefly turned around then left.  Life was good and I got a couple of shots to boot.

Finally we stopped at one more undisclosed area for some pictures (not saying where) HA!  This was the point were we all decided we needed a place to get a nice refreshing beverage.  Xanadu suggested the local Arrigoni Winery in Portland, CT.   Wine slushies, who would have thought?

Until next week, enjoy!


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