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Fall Foliage Report Update

Well it looks like we are starting to see some significant changes in the color of the trees in Connecticut.  Travelling around this weekend I noticed more and more trees changing.  I predict it will be a fairly quick changeover and leading into this weekend, possibly the next should be the best time to get your camera out and start capturing some fall colors.  Many trees have already started to drop their leaves without changing but it looks like the weather and the little influx of rain the last few weeks is starting a change for the the better.  

Just a few tips for you when out shooting the Autumn colors.  If you have a polarizer for your lens you should get one.  This will reduce the glare you may get on leaves during the day and will help to make those colors more saturated, in camera!  You should also try out your longer focal lengths if you are shooting landscapes.  You will be able to fill the frame with all the various colors of fall as opposed to having a grand scene with just a touch of color.  The weather and temperatures have been very conducive for producing nice layers of fog in the early morning hours, which can make for very compelling images with the bonus of great colors.  Finally try out some closeup or macro work contrasting the brilliant colors against a naturally muted background.

If you are determined to capture some grand scenes, as grand as you can get in Connecticut, try visiting some of these locations:

  • Sleeping Giant State Park

200 Mt Carmel Ave
Hamden, CT 06518

  • Chauncey Peak

Giuffrida Park
800 Westfield Rd
Meriden, CT 06450

  • Dennis Hill State Park - You can see 3 States on a good day from here
    Norfolk, CT 06058

(somewhere off Rte 272 - Litchfield Rd)

  • Macedonia Brook State Park

159 Macedonia Brook Rd
Kent, CT 06757

Basically anywhere near the Northwest corner of Connecticut, as high as you can get!

For those of you that want to travel a little further, Vermont, Massachusetts and the Hudson Valley areas are all great spots to start exploring the next 2 weeks or so.  So get some sleep you've got plenty of shooting to do!

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