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Exploring Hartford County

Well, another Fall weekend in Connecticut under my belt.  To my surprise there is still some color left to explore in the State.  much of it is not as colorful as it was two weeks ago, but it's still beautiful.  I started my drive up to Barkhamsted to meet up with friends at the Saville Dam.  On the way up the rising sun was creating a symphony of color so vibrant and dynamic, I was tempted to pull over and just take it all in before it was gone.  I was a little upset I hadn't made it to the Reservoir before natures concert had started but that was water over the dam now.  [Ba-da-bum!]

Upon arrival, I noticed the parking areas were being worked on by the early morning crew. Paving was underway and the people that were parked there were already informed they would need to move within the hour so that the paving of the lot could be completed.  Heavy banks of fog were still rolling across the water and enveloping the control tower in a moody, mysterious cloak of white.  There were a few ideas to capture the structure in this atmosphere I would have liked to have tried out but nothing looked right to me through the 30mm lens.  I decided to take what time I had left to take note of the sun and how it was interacting with the surrounding area as it rose.  I knew I wanted to get the light as it just crested the hilltops and began to illuminate and awaken the color still left on the trees.

From there we decided to drive to Enders State Forest to check out the falls again. Unfortunately, water levels were even lower than a few weeks before.  Lucky for us there were some interesting characters that arrived at the falls the same time as we did.  I didn't catch his name but there was a man in full makeup and "heavy metal" style leather, studded boots and weapons doing a photo shoot.  he let some of us take some shots while he was posing, he even did some custom poses for the photo twins.  

After that little detour it was time for breakfast!  A young lady also shooting at the falls graciously pointed us to a place in Simsbury called the Harvest Cafe Bakery.  Let me say that so far of all the breakfast spots we have been to in Connecticut on our morning shoots, this one has been far and away the best one.  Really.  It's a small place, very busy but well worth the wait. Harvest Cafe Bakery in Simsbury (  If you are out and about in that neck of the woods stop by, you wont be disappointed.

From there we visited more reservoirs, woods, apple orchards and tried to find the Connecticut Barn Trail.  All in all a very full and busy day.  It's been a really great fall after all. Well, time to stock up on some sleep, if the weekend cooperates there will be plenty of shooting to do!

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